Doing business in several countries – Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, the USA, Croatia – ensuring feedback from different markets and serving to improve the quality of the products. Professional skills of the employees – the business policy of the company is to always strive
toward hiring highly competent employees and subsequently training them in continuation. High quality products – control units for all kinds of industries. The purpose of the control units is to ensure smart automation of the machines. Long-term, stabile clients – company Cromatic follows the needs and demands of the clients and develops accordingly.


the lack of highly qualified workforce in the Croatian labour market – it is increasingly more difficult to find trained and educated employees in their field. Varying component prices for different markets.


The American market for which they are the only company with the UL certificate.

The applicability of the products in industries with which are only beginning to develop rapport.


The difficulty of finding highly educated and component employees to match all kinds of clients. Some of the clients have reorganized their business to start departments that independently produce products similar to ours.