We achieve a recognizable reputation as a quality and professional company in the field of manufacturing industrial electrical cabinets.

Our products and services are characterized by high quality and reliability and are the standard against which others are compared and evaluated.

We aim for our customers and suppliers at CROMATIC d.o.o. they have a reliable, safe and stable business partner.

When choosing our suppliers, we determine the quality requirements, and constantly check compliance with them.

We ensure the best working conditions and the possibility of constant professional and personal training for all employees.

We also pay great attention to environmental protection by harmonizing our activities with all legal regulations and other requirements.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of the quality management system and take all necessary measures to prevent any environmental pollution.

An important task of all workers is the realization of quality goals, whereby each worker contributes to the quality of our products and services and the acceptable impact of the process on the environment.

The focus of all activities is on the elimination of non-conformities that occur in the process, whereby priority is given to preventive actions and constant control of all work activities.

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